Intonal 2024

Malmö’s own Atonal copycat festival Intonal is happening again April 25-28 at Inkonst and other venues. It’s one of the best events for experimental music in Sweden and Denmark. This year I will be attending the festival as a guest so we won’t be reporting from it.

Instead I wanted to urge you to get a ticket (while they’re still available) because there are some great names on the line-up this year. Well-known DJs like Hyph11e, Zesknel and DJ Stingray 313 will be joining legendary groups like Esplendor Geométrico and radical upstarts like Deli Girls.

One of the special things happening in 2024 is that Posh Isolation is celebrating 15 years as a label and have curated an evening with CTM (pictured), Vanity Productions and Croatian Amor. Also, Retreat Radio who broadcast from the festival last year will do a joint takeover with Tbilisi station Mutant Radio who did the same a few years ago.

Other artists to look forward to are Australian trio The Necks and Icebox Violet from the UK. Check out the official playlist below and read more at

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