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Paul Messis’ debut LP on 13 O’Clock will soon be in the shops and here’s his brand new video for the title track “The Problem With Me”. Paul says they went for the sort of Bandstand tv performance look (cf. The Paragons playing “Abba”), and you can see Marty and Mole of The Mystreated moonlighting in the band. The rest of the album is very much in the same teen jangler style, and includes a couple of covers by The Barons and The Dovers.

If you like The Mystreated you should also check out the new single by Marty’s current band The Higher State. It’s coming out on Get Hip and you can listen to the a-side “I’ll Always Be Around” below. The b-side is another West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band cover – they’ve already tackled “The Smell of Incense”. This time it’s one of my favourite tracks of theirs, the often covered “Transparent Day”. Not a surprising choice perhaps, since the a-side features some rising intervals the end of the verses similar to the WCPAEB intro.

The Higher State – I’ll Always Be Around

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