80s HITS: Mydolls


Mydolls were a Houston-based punk band who formed in 1978. Their style was both arty and intellectual and by the time their first single came out in 1981, punk had already morphed into post-punk. After a couple of singles on C.I.A. Records their first mini-album Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick came out in 1983.

Like the Neo Boys mini-album, this 6-track LP paved the way for many later groups formed and led by women. The same year they were featured on a compilation cassette (side-by-side with Neo Boys) from the Sub Pop zine. This is the same Sub Pop that became a record label a few years later and put Soundgarden on the map.

Mydolls formed in 1978 by Linda Younger (guitar), Dianna Ray (bass), Trish Herrera (guitar) and George Reyes (drums) and stayed together until 1986, releasing one more album. In 2007 a cd with their entire discography came out and Mydolls decided to reunite the following year.

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