2023 best postpunk LP

It’s my birthday so here’s a wee treat for you. The fourth and perhaps most anticipated (for me at least) list of the year. These are our favourite 15 albums within postpunk, punk, hardcore, synth, coldwave and all that stuff you almost can’t dance to. Lulus Sonic Disc Club had an amazing year, with the Rocky almost making the list as well. No less than seven Australian acts on the list this year, and yet another release from Urge Records here, my favourite label of the year alongside Sunthoid.

Top 15 releases

  1. Troth – Forget the Curse (Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox)
  2. Eternal Dust – Spiritual Healers, Defence Lawyers (LSD Club)
  3. Lewers – 518A (LSD Club)
  4. The Drin – Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom (Feel It)
  5. Brorlab – Working Out In Heaven (La vida es un mus)
  6. Now – And Blue Space Is Burning Noon (Slothmate)
  7. The Serfs – Half Eaten By Dogs (Trouble In Mind)
  8. Body Maintenance – Beside You (Drunken Sailor)
  9. Dot Drama – Surcos (Pildoras)
  10. Die Letzten Ecken – Talisman (Static Age/Billo)
  11. Cosmetics – Baby (Cititrax)
  12. Optic Nerve – Angel Numbers (Urge)
  13. Display Homes – What If You’re Right & They’re Wrong? (Erste Theke)
  14. Gift Exchange – Before the Dust Settles (N/A)
  15. Videotraum – Ebbe // Flut (Young and Cold)

There were so many other great albums released this year – it was really hard to pick a dozen or so. Shout out to Fairytale and Mutant Strain for best hardcore punk releases and seeing Mutant Strain live was also a highlight of the year. Friends in Collate, Tyvek, XV, Loopsel all made stellar albums too.

So for all your needs we put together this playlist with 100 tracks from 2023 for you. Don’t miss our playlist with electro favourites either.

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