Nice Biscuit

Nice Biscuit is not only one of the best-looking bands out there right now – they have also just released their debut album, which is full of some of the best chilled out psychedelic music I’ve heard since MMOSS and Toy released their defining albums several years ago.

The group hails from Brisbane, Australia, and took their name from – yes – a local biscuit brand. Digital Mountain only includes 8 tracks but each one is great and contributes so much to the experience of the album as a whole. One can definitely tell that they’ve been listening to Spacemen 3 growing up. Tomorrow they are playing live in Byron Bay, which is also the hometown of Skegss, whom we wrote about just recently.

The album is a DIY production and self-released, with no word of a physical release yet. But it should only be a matter of time until someone licences it! Top photo by Bianca Holderness.

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