Bunker Strasse


Bunker Strasse was a French coldwave group formed by Kristian Dernoncour, Christophe Dhédin and Mickael F around 1984. Originally just called Bunker, they released their first tape Offensive themselves in 1986, containing 4 pretty long tracks mainly featuring synthesizers and minimal drums.

Eventually their lineup evolved and they included guitar as well. Their final release was a split-album with Modèle Martial, which was a duo comprised of the bass player and guitarist. This 10-track cassette came out on the tiny label T.T.I.C.C. Contingent in 1989, after which the group disbanded.

But lately there has been some new activity, with a release under the Modèle Martial earlier this year. There’s also been a retrospective release of their discography on the weird little German label called Minimalkombinat. They first started out doing lathes and cdrs (e.g. with Shadowplay, Filmmaker and Rosa Nebel) but are now also releasing vinyl.

1986-1989 is a 10-track compilation released last summer, and it also comes with a cd that contains the full 15-track release. It was a limited pressing but I can’t seem to find anywhere that has it for sale. So if anyone known more please get in touch.

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