Red Deviil x2

Mexican duo Red Deviil have released both an EP and a new album in the past two months. Guni Ca and Blak G are based in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, where they run events at Astro Bar with “underground electronic music”. I would love to know what that’s like. After a great EP for Body Musick earlier this year, Separado De La Realidad came out digitally on Shishi in October. It’s a dark and intense ride with 3 new tracks and a couple of remixes.

The Tendencias Ocultas tape followed on X-IMG in November. This one is a massive collection of 10 tracks on verge between techno and dark electro. It reminds me of Filmmaker in its singular vision and perfect execution. Check out the video for “Rogue City” as well.

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