Next Wave Acid Punx 2 comp

Next Wave Acid Punx was a compilation put together by Curses during the pandemic. With the second instalment Next Wave Acid Punx Deux, he goes a step further with a lavish triple-vinyl release on the Belgian label Eskimo Recordings. With 41 tracks that mix 80s and current artists within post-punk and minimal/coldwave it’s a very ambitious project and must have been hell to licence. Most of the tracks have been release before, some of them never on vinyl (like Kris Baha’s excellent “Into the Dark”) and some are new mixes.

The exclusive tracks are from his friends Soft Crash, Zanias, Neu-Romancer, The Hacker as well as like-minded artists from abroad like Silent Servant, Andi, Buzz Kull, Autumns, Boy Harsher, Desire, Dame Area, Louisahhh, Jennifer Touch and Cardinal & Nun – all names who have graced our pages in the past.

There is also a sampler version available which is a single 12″ with 4 tracks including Curses remix of Nuovo Testamento. The full release is out next week, and there are still a few tracks you can’t hear until then.

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