Apple Turnover 048

It’s about time for the last instalment of Apple Turnover for this year. December’s playlist is, just like before, a round-up of a handful of great releases we haven’t found the time to mention otherwise. Ok, so we did write about the Keyi compilation but I wanted to highlight the new track from Neu-Romancer who also appeared on the Next Wave Acid Punk comp recently. Also on here, you’ll find local Malmö band Mojo Pin, who really impressed us live.

New tracks also from Amelie Lens, Mha Iri, Broosnica, Viikatory, Incorrect Waves, Discovery Zone, Idle Ray, Sparklehorse, Fazerdaze, Castlebeat and Beach Fossils. Current Affairs throw in the towel with one final single and Promaja is the newly re-christened Pleasure Symbols.

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