UT was a legendary all-female rock group from New York that consisted of Nina Canal (who’d played on the first Dark Day single), Jacqui Ham and Sally Young. Even though they were part of the original “no wave” community they’ve never really been a part of its lineage – perhaps because they moved to London in 1981. Still, they influenced bands like Sonic Youth and Le Tigre and were eventually placed in the same camp as bands like The Fall.

What was meant as the band’s first single “Ampheta Speak” was recorded in 1980s NYC but wasn’t released until 2019 when their back catalogue was reissued through the own label Out Records. Instead their first release became a live recording from 1981 at The Venue in London. Released as a tape on their own label in 1982, it was eventually reissued on vinyl too.

After two brilliant 12″ releases in 1984 and 1985 their first album Conviction finally came out in 1986. It’s an absolute classic up there with The Birthday Party or early Sonic Youth, with cover art featuring Yves Klein’s most famous artwork Saut dans le vide. Eventually they were signed to Blast First (also home to Sonic Youth in the UK) who reissued the album at the same time as the follow-up In Gut’s House arrived in 1987. They eventually disbanded in 1991 after one more album.

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