Josef K


Josef K from Edinburgh is one of our favourite groups. Less lauded than Orange Juice but launched a successful solo career for singer and songwriter Paul Haig. While he never had the huge hit Edwyn Collins scored, he managed to churn out even more brilliant tunage 1979-81 than Orange Juice ever did. Recently, LTM and Les Disques du Crépuscule have been reissuing both their lone album and the unreleased first album. Both were remastered and reissued on vinyl 2012-2014, but the latest versions come on clear vinyl. The shelved Sorry For Laughing comes with a CD of the demos they cut earlier as TV Art. The Only Fun In Town still has the Peel session on the second LP. You can really hear the difference on the four tracks that appear on both albums. Right now I really prefer the cold sound of the original recordings.

“Sorry For Laughing” furthermore came out in a third version that preceded their Postcard album. This single was only released in Belgium. Here’s what’s probably my favourite Josef K song, “Heads Watch” (with the pre-remaster sound).

Members of Josef K later joined Orange Juice and The Happy Family.

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