The Room


The Room was a little known post-punk group from Liverpool who disappeared in the shadow of Wild Swans and other Zoo Records groups. The Room not only had the looks, they also a released a string of excellent singles on their own label Box and Red Flame. I’ve still never heard their first tape released by Box. I have however heard their two albums and the mini-album Clear – all released between ’82 and ’84.

All of these are available on Spotify thanks to LTM, but they’re yet to be reissued on vinyl. Although this video sees them appearing on The Old Grey Whistle Test (a popular UK music show on tv) they never made it to a major label. “Shirt of Fire” is one of their best numbers, apart from single tracks “One Hundred Years”, “New Dreams For Old” and the sublimely titled “Things Have Learnt to Walk That Ought to Crawl”.


A reformed The Room have released a new album this year on 9×9 as well reissued their first (tape only) album Bitter Dream digitally. It came out in 1980 on Box Records.

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