80s Underground Cassette Culture 2


When the Glasgow label Contort Yourself released the original volume of 80s Underground Cassette Culture in 2017 it was a behemoth of lost classics – from Merzbow to Missing Persons. Just the kind of thing our 80s hits series is all about. Once again we’re getting a double-vinyl serving of weirdness from the Thatcher era. From a label that has specialised in contemporary techno and industrial, this look at the underground of 80s electronic music is refreshing.

In fact, the only artist I previously knew was Nostalgie Éternelle. Among the other 19 tracks you’ll find music from Wolfgang Wiggers (of Kastrierte Philosophen), Interaccion from Madrid, British duo Years of Earth and Swedish M. Rendell. All wonderfully obscure stuff and it’s out any day now.

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