2021 best electronic EPs/12″s

Here’s is out second to last list of the year and probably the one with the fiercest of competition. There have just been an almost endless stream of great electro tapes, 12″s and digital EPs this year. Puppy Tapes definitely hit it home this year, with three releases listed – that is, of course, not counting DJ Valentime’s own release on his label this year (the excellent Demolition tape).

However, Paula Tape is a clear No. 1 for me in 2021. Can’t wait to hear more music from her in the future. Check out the links below to read about the release and listen. Tomorrow we’re sharing our top 20 of electronic albums, see you then.

Best EPs/12″s of 2021 (electronic)

  1. Paula Tape – Body Nature (Rhythm Section Intl)
  2. PC World – Order (She Lost Control)
  3. Mall Grab – Spirit Wave (Looking For Trouble)
  4. Kilbourne – Seismic (Evar)
  5. DJ Valentimes – Imminent Decay (Chicago Research)
  6. Filmmaker – Counterspell (Home Mort)
  7. Might Be Twins – The Sound of the Ocean (Mhost Likely)
  8. Lokier – Back to Life (Lenske)
  9. DJ Big Guns – Self Diagnosis (Puppy)
  10. Black Dahlia – Animasochist (X-IMG)
  11. DJ Beverly Hill$ – 2 Problems (Puppy 10”)
  12. Salome – Fatal Glow (Lobster Theremin)
  13. MarcelDune & Nara – Dead End Job (Childsplay)
  14. Chloe Lula – Errant Bodies (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
  15. Meshes – Euphoria (Tutamen)
  16. VTSS – Borderline Tenderness (Veyl)
  17. DJ Loser – Golgotha (Spektator)
  18. PRZ – Wishmaker (Clone)
  19. Diana Berti & Violet Poison – Shadowland (Marguerite)
  20. DJ Salazar Psychic Signaling (Puppy)

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