Nostalgie Éternelle


Nostalgie Éternelle is a German minimal wave duo that consists of Stefan Heinze and Dieter Mauson. Still making music together, they were very active in the cassette scene of the 80s – putting out their first tape in 1987. Fragile Et Fort was recorded live in Leer and packaged in steel wire. Several more tapes followed on their own label One Last Dream.

In 2011 the Belgian label EE Tapes gathered some of their favourite tracks from the duo’s output and released the 4-track 7″ simply titled EP. A longer retrospective on cd, called Notre Début, also came out around the same time. Apart from being a part of the new Hamburg-based project Sauerstofff, they’ve also been making new music as Nostalgie Éternelle. Their most recent release is a 12″ with 6 track on Raw Culture, called Face á l’incertitude.

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