Richard Smith from London has been making music as L/F/D/M (which by the way stands for Loves Flaccid Disco Muscle) for years now, with many many releases under his belt. Not restricting himself to one style, he moves fluidly between techno, electro, noise and disco. This year he has already released two albums. After the groovy London Tunnels EP on Urban Kickz Special Series in January, he returned once again to Clan Destine for the crazy ’92’ tape that came out in February. Inspired by early 90s raves, acid and jungle, it included amazing tracks like the bass-heavy “LD Acid”. In March the new album Hold the Rainbow Rare was released on cd by celebrated Barcelona-via-Buenos Aires techno label Diffuse Reality Records. Apart from the two remixes, the 8 tracks here are a lot more lean and focused, but there are still a bunch of surprises waiting in there.

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