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No more games. (Photo from a Glamhate campaign.)

Krister is doing a last minute DJ set on Friday, which is Walpurgis night in Sweden. 4pm to 8pm only! It’s been six months since we last DJ:ed anywhere so prepare for lots of 2021 faves and plenty of italo, minimal wave, 80s synth, electro and chill funky stuff from around the globe. Here’s are a couple of teasers from recent Dekmantel and Italo Moderni compilations. Playlist at the bottom.

And some Wintergarden Records greatness.


upsammy – Worm (Dekmantel)
Deux Control – Le Masque (Höga Nord)
Tangerine Dream – Choronzon (Virgin)
Jyl – Positions (Dark Entries)
EYE – Time to Display (Knekelhuis)
Valesuchi – Impermanence (Mamba)
Coldreams – Eyes (Camisole)
Human Figures – Footsteps (BFE)
The Gist – Love At First Sight (Rough Trade)
De Nooit Moede – Smeekbeden (Kontakt)
La Stèle Des Pleurs – Les Remords (Camisole)
Reymour – Daya (feat. Low Bat) (Knekelhuis)
Ostseetraum – Roh (Mangel)
Nunca Nada – Eliges Mal (BFE)
Stereolab – Ping Pong (Duophonic)
Lincoln – Amanhã o Tempo Muda (Mr. Bongo)
The Mauskovic Dance Band – Take the Money (Bongo Joe)
Mustafa Kuş & İmece – Evleri Yol Üstüdür (Ironhand)
Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek – Ay dili dili (Bongo Joe)
Elias Rahbani – Dance of Maria (Mr. Bongo)
La Femme – Nouvelle-Orléans (Disque Pointu)
Kidä – Brother (aportaltojumpthrough)
Logic System – Domino Dance (EMI)
Alle – Er du alene? (Olea)
Hysteric – Automne (Italo Moderni)
Olivia – Dancing Snake (Pinkman)
System Olympia – Toccami Dentro (Okay Nature)
Loukas Thanos – Jazzburger (Dekmantel)
Molly Nilsson – About Somebody (Night School)
L’impératrice – Hématome (microqlima)
L’eclair – Moi qui bizin travail (Bongo Joe)
Dislocation Dance – Shake (New Hormones)
The Lines – Transit (Red)
Syzygy – The Pendelum (Wintergarden)
Charli XCX – Detonate (Atlantic)
Alice et Moi – Maman m’a dit (L’oeil dans la paume)
Geneva Jacuzzi – Runaway DNA (Mexican Summer)
Baby’s Berserk – What I Mean (Bongo Joe)
Maraudeur – C’est Caché (N/A)
Bush Tetras – Things That Go Boom In the Night (Fetish)
Sexual Harrassment – I Need a Freak (Dark Entries)
Lio – Le banana split (Ariola)
The Make-Up – Pow to the People (Giant Claw)
The Mombasa Vikings – Mama Matotoya (Mr. Bongo)
Os Flippers – Estrelar (Mr. Bongo)
Bruxas – Cógelo, Rápido feat. María Pandiello (Dekmantel)
YĪN YĪN – Haw Phin ((Bongo Joe)
Baby’s Berserk – Bangalee (Bongo Joe)
Paula Tape – Cuz Cuz (Permanent Vacation)
Isamar Compañia – No Estas (Dekmantel)
Flemming Dalum – Don’t Take Your Time (Re-Work) (Italo Moderni)
Louise Freeman – Mirage (Dekmantel)
Minuit Machine – Danger (Synth Religion)
The Serfs – Debt World (Market Square)

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