Sexual Harrassment


One of 2021’s best reissues so far has been Dark Entries’ double-vinyl treatment of Sexual Harrassment’s 1983 masterpiece I Need a Freak. Originally released on Philly label Heat, the title-track became a surprise hit for DJ and producer Lynn Tolliver Jr who conceived the project together with guest vocalists and musicians. The electro-funk of “I Need a Freak” has since become a classic on dancefloors the world over, but this is the first official reissue of the mini-album, to which two bonus tracks from subsequent singles have been added.

Tolliver spent the bulk of his time in Cleveland, Ohio, had a successful radio career on WZAK and won several awards. Sexual Harrassment (intentionally misspelt) was a concept group and Tolliver has said about the project that “I learned as a youngster, sex sells! The things that are rated the worst – violence, horror and sex – are the things people want to see or hear about.” The reissue came out in January and is still available.

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