The Futur Antérieur compilation might be one of the most spectacular releases of the year so far. The artist roster of the excellent Swiss label Bongo Joe reinterpret tracks from the many reissues released during the past five years. In fact, the compilation is a celebration of their 5th anniversary and coincides with the re-opening of the Les Disques Bongo Joe’s record store, relocated to a new home on the banks of Lake Geneva, which opened for trade in March. You’ll find amazing cover versions from L’eclair, Mauskovic Dance Band, Lalalar and Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek who do Azerbaijani guitarist Rüstem Quliyev’s “Ay Dili Dili”. But my favourites are Yin Yin’s rendition of a track from the Maghreb K7 Club compilation, as well as Baby’s Berserk’s unexpected slam dunk with their take on a 50s recording from the Bahamas. I wish they’d committed this to vinyl, but at least there’s the added bonus of a companion compilation of all the originals.

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