David Chesworth


David Chesworth should be a legend of the Australian underground post-punk and electronic music scene, having played in Essendon Airport (check out Chapter’s massive 2011 reissue) and Whaddya Want? (who shared members with Whirlywirld). Born in the small UK town Stoke-On-Trent, he’s more well-known as an artist these days, having exihibted at the Venice Biennale. On the small Innocent Records, which he co-founded, he released a solo cassette called Industry & Leisure which was part of a larger performance work also including moving images. It was only performed three times but BFE have just released a remastered reissue of the tape along with a previously unreleased track. If you liked the minimalism of Laughing Hands (an affiliated project) you’ll be into the rhizomatic ideas of this LP too.

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