Here’s an obscure release from a new (?) Swedish darkwave group. With the incredibly boring name T.G.T.B., they’ve made an EP that’s very far from ‘being boring’. Hypermnesia is a tape that came out last month on Detriti – as usual with no info. Tracks like “Coexist” show influences from 80s synthpop and eurodisco but the somber vocals makes the general impression much darker. “Homebound” sounds a lot like Technique-era New Order, but all in all the EP is impressive for a Swedish group in 2020.

2020 has been a year very thin on good music from Sweden. But if you want a handful of releases to check out here’s what we recommend:

Sweeep – Might Not Breathe (N/A)

Loopsel – s/t (Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox EP)

Polyester – Dipsomaniac (Push My Buttons 7″)

Abu Nein – Secular Psalms (Young and Cold)

Kanot – Nectar Eyes (Lyckholmia)

Gås – Epitaph (Rocket 7″)

Tren Né – Gaba (Tretton)

Givana – Tröst (N/A)

Altona – Tid läker inga sår (N/A)

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