Mixtape from a teenager

Ok, listening to Mirah got me a bit nostalgic. “Apples In the Trees” was one of the first songs I downloaded – on the family computer. I still have a folder called “Old” with music from that computer. It was around that time I made my first mixtape, for an internet friend, around 2002/2003. It was called Songs to Pass the Time and I still have the tracklisting for it. One of the songs made it onto this new playlist I made today (guess which one?). A lot of them are in said folder as well. It plays like a mixtape a teenage version of me would have made to myself two decades into the future. It includes 35 tracks from bands and artists that I discovered around then, and whom I still enjoy today. It’s called Songs That Passed the Time and is mostly centred around 2000 but with tracks ranging from 1994-2003.


By the way, Lou Reed’s “Baton Rouge” is still the saddest song I have heard.

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