There’s a wealth of great post-punk records from Australia released on small labels in the 80’s. 5:15 were on the well-known Melbourne label Au Go Go that kept going until 2003. Like their friends in Little Murders, the trio called 5:15 (after a song by The Who) played a mix of mod revival, powerpop and post-punk. Their first single was actually a cover of British band The Name’s “Fuck Art Let’s Dance”. While it had been censored to “Forget Art” in the UK, 5:15 managed to release it with the proper name in 1982. Here’s a track from the b-side of their second and last single. “Heart Works Overtime” sounds like a mix of Gang of Four and Sunnyboys.

The term ‘fuck art, let’s dance’ originally comes from Beat era poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s work. Of course, it later became known as Madness’ slogan and adorned the band’s t-shirts.

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