Brace yourselves, you’re about to encounter turbulence. Sit back and let Super-X take you on a trip you haven’t experienced since Spacemen 3 walked the earth. Today we are premiering “One Cut” from the trio’s debut album Super-X. It’s been three long years since the Ottaway brothers twin guitar barrage backed by Kaelan Emond’s drumming first appeared unto the world on a cassette. Now they have returned with a full-length coming out on Spoilsport (Australia) and Polaks (Europe) in October. Super-X is one of bands I’ve enjoying seeing live the most in Melbourne, and the record opens with the noise of “MEL” which I associate with landing at Melbourne airport around this time last year. The near-supersonic mode of travelling continues as a theme on the album, taking us to industrial Berlin via “TXL” (the acronym for Tegel airport) and as far as Bosnia on “SJJ”. In-between they manage to sound like everything from Sonic Youth on “Circle Form” to Loop on “Without Love”.

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