Tsap is a Sydney duo comprising Cooper Bowman (Altered States) and Chris Colla (of the recently mentions The No). They’ve had two releases on Altered States this year, the brilliant tape Eating a Tree and now Flickering Lyghte In Campsite a few days ago. The latter is their first vinyl release and holds eight tracks of what can only be described as leftfield techno. “Staircase Wit” (yes, all the titles are that great) even sounds like very early industrial synth stuff. If it hasn’t happened yet, I’m sure this album will earn them quite a reputation on the otherwise fairly bland electronic scene in Australia. The cover art is by Nick Blinko of the legendary UK punk band Rudimentary Peni. (Check out the recent vinyl release of the final Rudimentary Peni single on Sealed Records.)

Btw, I just remembered how great London group Psapp were.

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