Floor Elman is a Dutch singer who debuted to wide acclaim with the single “Mon Ami Martien” last year on Spanish label Bickerton. Using the name Fleur and singing in French, her band (consisting of members of the The Kik) managed to make a very authentic-sounding yé-yé single while also channeling Joe Meek. Since most people seemed to prefer the b-side, her new single on the label is a bit more ’66 than ’64. “Petit Homme De Papier” sounds like Les Terribles at their best. The single came out in May, but just the month before Fleur released another single on the same label, with another new band called The Colour Collection. Featuring members of Mooon, their songs are both in English and French, but it’s the We the People-sounding “Ne Décide Pas Pour Moi” that is the real standout.

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