Part R of the 25 x 25 series of mixes. Some good old tracks by bands and artists beginning on R. An article in Swedish went up about the tracks included here earlier today.


The Rangers – Let’s Go Rangers
The Red Snakes – You Make Me a Fool
Rita Lee – Eu Vou Me Salvar
Raymond – First Love
Rote Kapelle – Sunday
The Room – Things Have Learnt to Walk That Ought to Crawl
The Rousers – Ain’t Got a Minute to Lose
Richard & the Taxmen – Now We’re Through
The Rock Garden – Superstuff
Russ Kruger – Keep Me Satisfied
Ria Bartok – Tu As Perdu La Tête
Rod & Carolyn – Love Is Where You Are
Ruby Lee – I’m Gonna Put a Watch On You
Roberto Righini – Mondo Malato
Richard Twice – 1:25 A.M.
Rainy Day – Flying On the Ground Is Wrong
The Relict – Letters (featuring Abi Marvell)
Rita Calypso – Never Was a Love Like Mine
Ronnie Forte – That Was Whiskey Talkin’
The Rooney Brothers – Just a Friend
The Rogues – You Better Look Now
The Reactions – Don’t Look Back
The Reactions – I Can’t Help It
The Readymades – West Coast Art Isn’t Art
Rodriguez – Female Catastrophe

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