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Back with another mix, and this is the first in a series of four compilations! Recently I listed my favourite moody and jangly garage songs on Facebook, inspired by a thread on the Garagepunk forum. While I was whittling down my top 20 I ended up with a list of enough material for about 4 cds, so I decided to put it all up – kind of like the Dark Clouds series over here. Now, that covers a fairly wide spectrum of sounds, and I actually had some trouble deciding how to delimit this “subgenre”, which has recently also been described as “wimp scuzz”. Nothing too uptempo and nothing too folky to still be garage, I guess, and the two volumes of Teenage Shutdown called I’m Down Today and Teen Jangler Blowout! will probably give you the best idea of what I’m on about here. So, I called it Bitter Bells after that great Neal Ford & the Fanatics b-side, which I first heard covered by The Others from Italy. Incidentally, that Fanatics song is also on the new volume of Timelapse Jangle!


1. The Great Scots – That’s My Girl (Rotten to the Core) Epic 9866, 1966
2. The Scott Bedford Four – You Turned Your Back On Me Congress 247, 1965
3. The WordD – You’re Gonna Make Me Caprice 609V-4983, 1966
4. The Changing Times – Cry Mark VII 1013, 1967
5. The Night Flight – To Color Turn Quill 116, 1967
6. The Nightcrawlers – If You Want My Love Kapp KL 1250, 1966
7. The Mad Lads – Everything Is Blue IGL 136, 1967
8. The Leaves – Girl From the East Mira 222, 1966
9. The Other Four – Once and For All Girl P.L.A.Y. 711, 1966
10. Dennis & The Times – Just If She’s There Trend 3330, 1967
11. Me & The Other Guys – Everybody Knew But Me Boss 009, 1967
12. The Bethlehem Exit – Walk Me Out Jabberwock 110, 1966
13. The Country Gentlemen – For You Brent 7058, 1966
14. The Druids – Sorry’s Not Enough MNO 101, 1966
15. The Pulsating Heartbeats – Anne Pace Setters Internationale 007, 1966
16. The Bats – How Could You Have Known Merben 501, 1966
17. Adrian Lloyd – Got a Little Woman Charger 112, 1965
18. Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Bitter Bells Tantara 1101, 1966
19. The Bark of Paper Mulberry – Wait Sound 221, 1969
20. Dalton, James and Sutton – One Time Around National General 013, 1967
21. Sandy Coast – I’m a Fool Delta DS 1158, 1966
22. The Solid Ground – She Played With Love Apro 01, 1966
23. The Squires – I Don’t Care Penguin 161/162, 1966


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Hi, I emailed you but didn’t get an answer.
Bitter bells 1-2-3 links are dead, and some other comps are dead too. Please reupload if you can.

I am on holiday currently, so not able to. Maybe if I get more requests I will get around to it. New mixes will be uploaded to where they’ll stay up indefinitely.

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