Let’s try something new, it’s almost May and we’re about to update our playlist with 20 new tracks. But I also wanted to try making a proper mix since we’re including more electronic music in our coverage. So here’s a mix ranging from coldwave and techno to noise and more experimental sounds. We’ve included tracks from labels like Opal Tapes, Chicago Research, Pinkman, Discos Atónicos, Avant! and Post Present Medium. A special thank you to Varnrable who let us include their unreleased track “Open Up”. A track from the new Filmmaker EP that came out this weekend is also included. Check it out and let us know what you think.


Ian Martin – It Takes Forever
Existence – Je fais partie du décor
L.T.F. – Garrote Vil
Filmmaker – Devourer
Retrograde Youth – Complains
Cardopusher – Programmed to Consume
SDH – You Pt. 12
Pinocchio – Your Time
Shimmer – Into the Mass
P22 – Farrowing Crate
Bukkake Moms – Typical Harry
Swan Meat – Tearz Circus
Black Dresses – Nausea 2019
Operação Mínima – Distorções
Lily The Fields – Meditation
SPF – Milk Milk Lemonade
Flesh Narc – Faucet/Cham Flake
Mommy – No More Fathers
Bergsonist – Amplified Religious Soundscape
I2TERZON3 – Beausoleil’s Waltz
Australian Idol – Bags
Gay Cum Daddies – Cyber Man Running Over Deer With His Cars
L.O.T.I.O.N. – Electric Meat Slicer
Dreams – Beacon of Power
L.A. Suffocated – Tempting Fates
Varnrable – Open Up
Floating Gardens – Phantasia

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