The Blue Up?


Another band featured on the Let’s Talk About Girls is Minneapolis group The Blue Up? whose early sound was similar to The Pandoras or The Bangs (pre-Bangles). They debuted in 1986 with a 45 on Susstones, called “We Are the Garden”. The band’s singer, now called Ana Voog, later became an (early) internet celebrity. Sadly, what was meant to be their first full-length album, recorded in 1989, never came out. The group had signed to UK label Midnight Music (who had released many great bands like McCarthy, The Wolfhounds and Wedding Present) but they went bankrupt in 1991.

Ana has shared the group’s excellent first demo on youtube and is hoping to release their debut album Introducing Sorrow some day. Two later Blue Up? albums, with a different sound, came out in the early 90s. But here’s my favourite track from Introducing Sorrow, shared with permission.

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