Milwaukee’s best band ever The Shivvers got a reissue last year from Bachelor Records, who pressed their classic “Teen Line” single onto vinyl again. Now they have teamed up with Rerun records to make sure that the essential compilation The Shivvers is once again in print. Featuring unreleased songs first unearthed by Hyped to Death fifteen years ago, a proper release happened in 2014 when Sing Sing released the now long since out of print LP. The new pressing from Bachelor and Rerun is supposed to have ‘improved sound’, but I don’t think there’s any sound in the world that can get better than “No Substitute”.


I’m doing an in-depth blog review of the “Milwaukee Rock and Roll 1950-2000: A Reflective History” just puhblished by Marquette University Press, and would like to include your B&W photo (at the top of your page here) of the Shivvers performing live, which is also in the book. May I reproduce it crediting you/and Jill Kossoris? No response from Jill on fb. My blog is educational, and I make no money on it.
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