Winter new EP

A band that has collaborated with Triptides, whom we just wrote about, is Winter from LA. Led by singer and songwriter Samira Winter, she has used a number of different names in the past, including Samira’s Infinite Summer (under which name she recorded the amazing collab with Nic Hessler of Catwalk, called “Can We Start Anew?”). Now Infinite Summer crops up again as the title of her brand new five-track EP out on the band’s own label Everything Blue Records. The vinyl came out on Record Store Day, but I only just heard it. The sound is supposed to be more 80s, as it was recorded by Wyatt Blair in the Lolipop studio – but I think it’s still decidedly 90s. Check out the amazing video for “Bonsai”, sung in Portuguese and directed by the currently unparalleled Ambar Navarro. He also directed the video for Avalon Lurks that we posted about recently, as well as videos for Stef Chura and a few more artists we’ll be writing about soon.

By the way, a demo for “Bonsai” appeared on the same EP as the track featuring Nic Hessler. It’s called Song a Week and is featured on a different bandcamp page where Samira has been posting her demo tunes.

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