The second Shadows & Reflections club night went past quietly last week. Me and Lauren had a fantastic time together with Marcus Cawood (The Gabb, Flipside), and we’re hoping to do something together next year since Marcus’ night Klubb Radio Syd probably won’t be happening anymore. I got a chance to play some new purchases, and here’s my set:

Charlotte & Emily – Love Not Have I
The Avengers – No Wonder
Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Bitter Bells
The Fifth Order – Goin’ Too Far
The Shades – When You Said Goodbye
The Richard Kent Style – All Good Things
The Sharpees – Do the “45
Bob Morrison – Hey! Puppet Man
The Daughters of Eve – Help Me Boy
The Great Scots – The Light Hurts My Eyes
Paul Messis – Sowing Seeds
The Kirkbys – It’s a Crime
The Neumans – Fuzz Filled Dreams
The Flock – Hold On to My Mind
Früt of the Loom – One Hand In Darkness
The Knack – Time Waits For No One
The Guards – Let Me Go Home
The Mockingbirds – That’s How (It’s Gonna Stay)
Young Blood – Green Light
Adrian Lloyd – Lorna
The Fifth Estate – Tomorrow Is My Turn
The Odyssey – Little Girl, Little Boy
Antoine Et Les Problemes – Dodecaphonie
Chapter II – East of My Place
Diana – Eu gosto dele
The Denims – I’m Your Man
Tony’s Defenders – Waiting For a Call From You
Clay Hammond – Dance Little Girl

My next set will be in two weeks time at the e-Types christmas party. Can’t wait to play my George Cash and Sparklings 45s!

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