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Since the recent garage podcast (SIDE39) ended up so well, I decided to make another one with tracks I’d missed or forgotten on the next 30 volumes of USA Garage Greats. I’m still not much further in than first 60 volumes anyway. Quite a lot of unknown tracks on this one, as well as a few legends. The Gentlemen I have mentioned previously in the post about The Sweetarts, and it looks like Misty Lane have put out a 4-track reissue EP with the Gentlemen track. The Scavengers have a great folkrock sound, and three tracks by them appear on the brilliant The Best of IGL: Folkrock. I’ve put some EQ on their track because the pressing sounded very weak. Giles Strange is actually Jerry Goldstein of The Strangeloves, and thanks goes to Flower Bomb Songs for the label scan used for the cover. Us Kids were literally kids, of the age of 13 when this record was cut, and there’s a great feature on them over at Garage Hangover. Check out the flip here.


The No-Na-Mee’s – Just Wanna Be Myself Era
The Gentlemen – It’s a Cry’n Shame Vandan
The Shady Daze – I’ll Make You Pay USA
The Tribe – Fickle Little Girl Fenton
The Pictorian Skiffuls – In Awhile Skifful
The Innkeepers – A Man Can Tell Six Cents
The Mystic Five – It Doesn’t Matter Mystic
The Scavengers – But If You’re Happy IGL
The Morning Dew – Look At Me Now Fairyland
Giles Strange – Watch the People Dance Boom
Ron Gray – Hold Back the Sunrise HBR
The Green Beans – Superstition Mercury
The Wee Four – Weird Nu Sound LTD
The Rockin’ Ramrods – She Lied Bon Bon
The Esquires – Sadie’s Way Alley
Us Kids – Check Out Rex
The Saxons – Things Been Bad Saxon
Terry Knight & The Pack – Numbers Lucky Eleven
Mike Alexander & The Visions – Your Day Has Come Richie
The Shyres – Where Is Love Cori
The Glory Rhodes – Not That Kind of Guy U-Doe
The Fifth Estate – That’s Love Jubilee
The Rare Breed – In the Night Cool As a Moose
The Missing Links – I Told You I Loved You Jowar

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