The React! & Tranzmitors

La-Ti-Da Records is a name that hasn’t stuck even though I see now that they released the Maxines ep last year. However, the Vancouver label will definitely make a name for themselves with their recent slew of singles from The React!, Tranzmitors, Needles//Pins and more. The React! is a new powerpop act from their local Vancouver and their first single “Sounds That I’ve Heard” is an amped up pop classic with a psychedelic tinge. Turn it over for the absolutely timeless beauty of “Only Living For You”, which must count as among the best powerpop ballads of recent years. The vocals here remind me of The Saturday People and later group featuring Terry Banks called Julie Ocean. They recorded a brilliant album 4 years ago, and this is of the same stuff.

Bassist Mike Flintoff and guitarist Jeff McCloy usually play in the Tranzmitors, and one of their first singles “Some Girls” actually came out on La-Ti-Da as early as 2006. After the double barrage of their 2010 singles “You Get Around” and “Sunday Morning”, the Tranzmitors are back with a new 45 on La-Ti-Da, called “Concrete Depression”. Again it’s the flip that gets my attention, “A Little Bit Closer” really gets into the British mod revival sound they are so great at emulating. Actually there’s also another Tranzmitors 45 out this year, on their own (?) React! Records. You can stream “I See the Writing On the Wall” and the flip here. It sounds more like they’re getting into Useless Eaters territory on this one, and it works well, while the b-side “Dream Our Dreams Away” again is more classic powerpop Tranzmitors-style.

I’d also like to mention Needles//Pins, whom I first heard with their 2010 tape First World Problems, but they’ve apparently released one 45 since then. Now they’re back with a new one on La-Ti-Da, and “Getting On Home” sounds so great I can’t wait to hear their brand new debut on Mammoth Cave, entitled 12.34.

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