Quarteto Nova Era & Lawson and 4 More


Groovie Records are soon to unleash volume three of Brazilian Nuggets – Back From the Jungle, but despite my recent Brazilian obsession I’m lagging behind a bit and only just picked up the 2nd volume, from 2011. Psych fourpiece Quarteto Nova Era, who figure on that volume, have just been given the reissue treatment by Groovie. They’ve pressed new copies of the group’s only and unsurprisingly rare 45 EP “Apolo”. They not only looked great, they sing as well as The Free Design and are every bit as wacky as Os Mutantes. “Viagem no tempo” is not the only track to have been comped, “De Repente” appeared on the massive psych comp Obsession (Bully, 2008). You’ll see why when you hear all four tracks back to back.

While you’re ordering from Groovie you might also want to check out the debut 45 from Sydney garage group Los Tones. Sounding a lot like recent bands on Anti-Fade, these guys must be very happy to have been picked up by an international label. Lookin forward to hear more! Another new group Groovie have signed is American moody garage outfit The Sound Reasons, who mine the same sort of territory as Spain’s new sensations Los Wallas, but with a slightly less commanding singer. But their 3-track debut is promising indeed.


Big Beat have struck gold with the unearthing of unissued material by Lawson & 4 More. Lawson, famed for his psychedlic classic “Halfway Down the Stairs” (possibly the best take on Beethoven in the 20th century), appears here with 60s garage pounder “Smart Bird”. It’s coupled with another original, the top side off of their first 45.

For people with an interest in rare records it might also interest you that Big Beat are in the same series reissuing the RAREST garage 45 in the world, the lone 45 by Denise & Company (co. being The Answer). The flip is an instrumental version that lets the 12-string take the melodic lead.

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