The New York label Mesh-Key have stood for some of the best reissues of recent years. In 2023 they dug into the history of Japanese recording project Tolerance. Tolerance was started by keyboardist and singer Junko Tange from Osaka in the late 70s. She collaborated with guitarist Masami Yoshikawa on recordings that ended up being released by legendary avantgarde label Vanity Records, also with their home in Osaka.

In 2020 Kyou Records, in collaboration with Vanity, released a cd box with all of their music as well as some unreleased material that had been uncovered. The next year it was also made available on vinyl by Vinyl On Demand, but with Mesh-Key’s reissues we finally get individual LPs of Anonym and Divin again. The were originally released in 1979 and 1981 respectively, and the new presses came out in April 2023. It’s definitely been worth the wait.

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