SIDE59B | summer mixtape


Here’s the second half of the summer cassette. Highlights include a track from Mikal Cronin’s new LP, which has taken me aback slightly and might actually turn out to be 2013’s most well-rounded release. The Laughing Leaves (could they be The Frowning Clouds’ twin group from Geelong?) appear with the best track off of their brand new, self-released 45. Frowning Clouds’ frontman Zac also appears with his other group Bonniwells, who released their third album not that long ago. “Looking At You” however, is from the intermediate cassette-only release on Anti Fade that I just heard, and shows the group at their rawest and best. Already reviewed, are the albums from Sam Lunsford (now available on tape) and The Temponauts. Among the many albums I haven’t found time to write about yet, Elephant Stone’s (Rishi Dhir of High Dials, Brian Jonestown Massacre) sophomore effort is a favourite, as well as The Go’s new Burger album. And Bad Indians Are On the Other Side is a hugely impressive psych artifact and a big step forward for the Ypsilanti group Bad Indians.


Full tracklisting side A and B:
01 Cold Warps Take Your Time
02 The Zygoteens The River
03 Beat Beat Beat Don’t Tell Me Now
04 Ketamines – Turning You On
05 White Fence – New Edinburgh
06 Burnt Ones – Cloak
07 The Hunches – This Human Behavior
08 Red Hex – Shoulda Known
09 White Fangs – I’m So Glad
10 Carbonas – Didn’t Tell You a Lie
11 Useless Eaters – Wyte Girls
12 The Raw Nerves – Not Gonna Try
13 60 Second Swingers – The Last
14 The Chesterfield Kings – I Don’t Understand
15 Temples – Shelter Song
16 Painted Hills – The Sound & the Fury

17 Thee Holy Ghosts – That’s What Wer’e Doin’
18 Bloods – This Town
19 The Maxines – Hang Around
20 The Bonniwells – Looking At You
21 The Laughing Leaves – Sethanon
22 The Go – Bet I’m Late
23 Ty Segall – Would You Be My Love
24 Mikal Cronin – Change
25 The Hussy – Zummer
26 Bad Indians – The Path Home
27 The Temponauts – Elsewhere
28 Sam Lunsford – The Whole
29 The See See – The Rain & the Snow
30 The Black Angels – Love Me Forever
31 Elephant Stone – Looking Thru Baby Blue
32 Dead Ghosts – Summer With Phil

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