The Freezing Hands


Jeremy and Matt from The Resonars have teamed up with Travis from The Knockout Pills, to form a new Tuscon group called The Freezing Hands. They debuted last year with a track on the high-profile Burger benefit cassette The Wiener Dog Comp. Now they are back with their first album, and of course it’s on a Burger tape. Definitely sounding like a Matt Rendon production, with brilliant backing vocals from all members, but in a more straightforward indie rock vein than The Resonars and at times even a bit whimsical. The 60s influences still show through however, most notably on their faithful cover of The Hollies’ “You Must Believe Me”. The opening track “Pretty Ann” channels those influences into a cracking powerpop number, and the organ-heavy album closer “Old Grey Mare” is perhaps the second strongest number here, proving that these guys know how to slow it down as well. This self-titled album hasn’t been made available digitally yet, so be quick to get your hands on one of the 150 copies here. I’m looking forward to hearing more, and perhaps a vinyl release.

The Resonars’ Crummy Desert Sound, my favourite record of 2012, is finally going to be available on the 29th so actually shoulda been on a 2013 list!

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