Mujeres | Soft Gems

Here’s a great record that came out recently, from Barcelona garage group Mujeres. They’ve been called Spain’s Black Lips, but personally I find this record more gratifying than any Black Lips full-length effort. Wish I had know about them when I was in Barcelona in the Spring. I only heard of them due to the joint tour they’re doing with The Limiñanas, and their first album is very hard to find online since it’s just called Mujeres. Although that’s three years old now, I recommend looking it up on spotify if you dig Soft Gems, which is their second outing. On bandcamp they also have a couple of 45s and a US tour cassette. But to get back to matters at hand the new album shows a commanding progression with songs that are both harder and more rollicking. You get everything from the VU-styled rhythm of “How I Am” to the Fire Engines guitar sound of “Salvaje” (one of few songs in their own language), and the early 60s twang of ballad “I’m Over With You”. On closing track “Soft Gems Pt. 2” they even pull of some convincing JAMC guitar-picking. In sound and spirit they land close to many current American groups but perhaps most notably Vancouver groups Dead Ghosts and Indian Wars. They share the desolate Western vibes, but with a slight Mediterranean tinge. If you liked the Mesa Cosa ep that I might have (should have) mentioned here before, this is definitely up your seedy alley. Get if from Sones.

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