Missing Monuments & First Times

Out of my belated discoveries this year, two bands have had LPs on Douchemaster: Mean Jeans (whose 2012 follow-up did sadly not live up to the hyper Ramones-fix that was their debut), and Missing Monuments. How I could have missed out on the latter escapes me, since King Louie’s history is ram-packed with bands I like (Bad Times and The Exploding Hearts just to name a few). The upcoming 7″ on Hozac is better than anything on last year’s Painted White LP though. Check out the video for “(I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life” here, but the real gold is “Another Girl” which you can hear below.

Finland has suddenly spewed out two of its best bands since the Micragirls. All-girl punks The Splits have already released the Ghosts 7″ on local label Airiston, and are now set for their debut LP that comes compliments of P. Trash. Kiki of The Splits is also the vocalist in the new, more powerpop-oriented First Times. Their first EP comes out on Combat Rock soon, but can also be had through P. Trash. Check out two of the songs below!

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