Mikkeller by Bedow

I’ve been a big fan of the Danish brewery Mikkeller for a few years, but I’ve never really liked their label designs. This year, they’ve teamed up with small Swedish agency Bedow for four seasonal brews, the first being this, the Pale Spring Ale. The new design is based on the ‘temperature dot’ that some beers have to show it’s the right temperature to drink. The same heat-sensitive colour has been used here to create a snowflake that turns into a sun as the beer bottle becomes warm (empty). I’m looking forward to seeing the next three seasons’ designs, and seeing this on the shelves at Ølbutikken or På Besök.

The excellent font used, Calibre, once again comes from New Zealand type foundry Klim, who’s Tiempos font is used throughout IL Magazine (see previous post).

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