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Finally Malmö group Death and Vanilla unleashes their debut LP, a co-release between local label Kalligramofon (responsible for one of last year’s absolute top records by Testbild!) and French label Hands In the Dark (who’s first release was actually the D&V ep). The album, pressed on brigth yellow vinyl, opens up with the vast spaciousness of “Rituals” that eventually breaks into a groove worthy of Stereolab. On “Dreams of Sheep” they manage to get frighteningly close to Broadcast’s windswept sound. But the group really come intro their own with the 8-minute twofer “Cul De Sac + The Somnambulists”, where their trademark guitar tremolo eventually meshes in with a much more complicated sonic structure. Two other interesting sister tracks are the closing tracks on each side, “The Unseeing Eye” and “The Unseeing I”, which both create an eerie atmosphere using vibraphone and moog respectively. It’s quite a short album, and while “Library Goblin” would have been a natural single choice in its comparable catchiness, they could arguably have fitted another song in. The excellent “Between Circles” e.g., from the Beko CS01 compilation. The album is released on Tuesday, and there’s a launch event at Krets in Malmö on March 24th. Below are two tracks from the album that you can download for free, and be sure to also check out the video for “Rituals”.

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