The Shifters x2

The Shifters are a newish band from Melbourne who have burned slowly but brightly and have finally been granted an LP release on brilliant label Trouble In Mind. After the debut 7″ on local label It Takes Two, Paul Messis released their second single on his Market Square label. Like most of their output, it is sold out, but you can still hear it online.

The debut album is called …Have a Cunning Plan and the video above is its first single. So much Clean/Flying Nun greatness in two-and-a-half minutes. The whole LP was recorded by Al from Total Control/Terry, and if you like those bands you will love The Shifters too.

The album is preceded by a limited 7″ that came out in May on Digital Regress. Just Sat Down is a 4-track EP that outshines most other EP releases of 2018. Grab a copy before it’s gone.


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