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The first list to be published this year is of the best songs I’ve been introduced to this year, but weren’t released now. My favourite songs of 2011 will be published in a different form. You’ll only be able to hear these songs as a DJ set only, currently planned for the dates below. If you can’t make it to either of those events, most of the songs have been on podcasts or mixes posted by me throughout the year anyway, so you shoud check them out there. I’ve actually got another two podcasts coming before this, hence the number ’28’!

Malmö | Dec 6th
10pm to 1am @ På Besök
Nobelvägen 73

Auckland | Dec 21st
7pm to late @ The Golden Dawn
Cnr Ponsonby & Richmond Roads

In the poster, that’s The Hi-Fi’s from London and their only LP released on Star Club in Germany in 1967. The Hi-Fi’s were originally on this list with their earlier single “I Keep Forgettin'” (found on a few beat compilations, and also recorded by Normie Rowe), until I heard it was a Chuck Jackson cover. Naturally, original songs must be favoured in a list of this type. Read below for the full list, which is more or less in descending order.
1. The Shivvers – No Substitute (USA)
2. Tony’s Defenders – Waiting For a Call From You (UK)
3. Chapter II – East of My Place (NE)
4. The Razor’s Edge – Baby’s On His Way (USA)
5. Action Unlimited – My Heart Cries Out (USA)
6. The Us – How Can I Tell Her (USA)
7. The Goldstar Brothers – May Be (NE)
8. The Rumors – Without Her (USA)
9. The Martells – Time to Say Goodnight (UK)
10. Teddy Neeley Five – Autumn Afternoon (USA)
11. Frut of the Loom – One Hand In Darkness (USA)
12. Q65 – Feel Her Still (NE)
13. The Thomas Group – Autumn (USA)
14. The Five – There’s Time (AUS)
15. The Outcasts – Loving You Sometimes (USA)
16. The Rogues – And You Let Her Pass By (UK)
17. Michael Leslie – Make Up Or Break Up (UK)
18. The Debutantes – A New Love Today (USA)
19. The Bats – How Could You Have Known (USA)
20. Del Shannon – Stand Up (USA)
21. Direct Hits – Back to the Sixties (USA)
22. The Maltees Four – All of the Time (USA)
23. The Dragons – The Forest of My Place (GRE)
24. The Sparklings – Now It’s Your Turn to Cry (NE)
25. Bern Elliott & The Fenmen – I’ve Got Everything You Need Babe (UK)
26. The Chateaus – I’m the One (USA)
27. Watson T. Browne & The Explosive – I Close My Eyes (UK)
28. The Tom Northcott Trio – Just Don’t (CAN)
29. The Black Sharks – Too Much In Love (BEL)
30. The Fairviews – Nightmares (USA)
31. The Pretty Things – You Don’t Believe Me (UK)
32. The New Order – Why Can’t I? (USA)
33. The Zombies – A Love That Never Was (demo) (UK)
34. The Secrets – Such a Pity (UK)
35. The Searchers – I’ll Be Missing You (UK)
36. The Persons – Young Girl (GRE)
37. The Mojos – Until My Baby Comes Home (UK)
38. Dotti Holmberg – It’s Not Worth It At All (USA)
39. Rod & Carolyn – Love Is Where You Are (UK)
40. Porgy & the Monarchs – That Girl (USA)
41. The Moderns – Got to Have Pop (SWE)
42. Midnatt Fyran – When You’re Lonesome (NE)
43. The Teardrops – Tears Come Tumbling (USA)
44. The No-Counts – The Suffering Kind (GER)
45. Richard Anthony – No Good (USA)
46. Jerry Raye – I Cry (USA)
47. Woody Carr & the El Caminos – My Woman (USA)
48. Little Phil & The Nightshadows – In the Air (USA)
49. Tony Jackson Group – You’re My Number One (UK)
50. The Free-For-All – Show Me the Way (CAN)

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