Highpoint I & II

I need to make a point of going here next time I’m in London. The Highpoint flats were built above Hampstead in the 1930’s by the Tecton Group, founded by Georgian architect Berthold Lubetkin. One of their first commissions was the innovative penguin pool at London Zoo, as seen recently in one of Moholy-Nagy’s BBC films included in Rediscovered Photography of László Moholy-Nagy (Malmö Art Gallery, 18/2-1/5 2011).

I first heard about Highpoint I in Paul Kelly & Bob Stanley’s film Finisterre (2002) but I had unwittingly seen it countless of times, as Steed pulls up by Mrs. Peel’s apartment in The Avengers. Unlike seasons 1-3, which were mainly shot in a studio (the first one even broadcast live), season 4 included a lot of outdoors footage, and the view of the entrance to Emma Peel’s home became familiar.

You can read more about both the Highpoint buildings on Housing Prototypes, where there are also plenty of photos and sections.

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