Horror Story AW21

Yesterday we wrote about a management company playing label, but here’s one better, French fashion brand EGONlab have an electro compilation out. They pride themselves in merging fashion, visual arts and music so for the launch of their AW21 collection they created a short film called Horror Story. It was released in January and the following month the soundtrack appeared on bandcamp. Curiously, it has almost the same line-up as this old compilation from Paris collective Switch. Pablo Bozzi (whose duo project Soft Crash we wrote about last year) is the musical director of EGONlab and did a DJ set for them at Paris Fashion Week. Bozzi curated the compilation with Marie-Emmanuelle Arouet, who works for Pinkman, and the result shows that it’s not only Berliners who are obsessed with the new industrial/EBM/new beat/italo hybrid genre. Mind | Matter, The Undertaker’s Tapes, Kirsten and Gewalt are among the 7 artists included.

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