Soil 3 Years comp

I was actually surprised to hear that Soil are celebrating their third anniversary this year – it feels like they’ve been around forever and have really carved out a niche for themselves within electro and industrial techno. The Spanish label will be releasing a 10-track cassette compilation in a few weeks to mark the occasion. It opens with Bestial Mouths’ “Inshroudss” from their last album. The darkwave group who is now more or less the solo project of Lynette Cerezo (pictured) just released a new remix album where the same track is given a great treatment by Melania (aufnahme+wiedergabe).

We also get a new track from French producer Jauzas the Shining, who just released a mini-album on another Spanish label, Label In Disarray. L/F/D/M, whose split with E.L.I. (also on Label In Disarray) was featured here last winter, also appears as do Notausgang and TYVYT-IYTYI.

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