Coasting & Wax Idols

This was meant to be a post about two albums I’m looking forward too, but since the 25th of October the debut LP from Wax Idols is already out. Led by Heather Fortune (also in Blasted Canyons that deserves admiration too), Wax Idols have given Hozac one of the best albums of the year. It stands up well to repeated listens, centred around the immaculate pop song “Gold Sneakers”. While I liked the “All Too Human” single from earlier this year, it didn’t impress me as much as The Shrapnelles offering on the same label. No Future is a completely different story.

This one’s not out for a few more days, but I’ve put in my preorder. Coasting’s debut LP comes to us via the consistently tasteful M’Lady’s, who also have a Grass Widow 7″ in the works at the moment. It’s called You’re Never Going Back, and judging by the taster track “Portland” the sound is less lo-fi and the songwriting more timeless. It’s a fantastic song and a really good vocal from Madison. It looks like the album contains new versions of three tracks from the previous 3 singles (and one split with Reading Rainbow), which have sold out quite fast. But M’Lady’s currently have a few copies of the Group Tightener 7″, and it might also have passed you by that there is a Coasting singles set on Spotify. Actually, the new album is already up there!

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