Record #3

The third of the records I designed this spring turned up last week. It’s London group Pocketbooks’ second and absolutely fantastic album, called Carousel. The theme is autumnal and the official release date is set to September 19th, but you can order it right now from Odd Box Records. The band members are old friends now, and it’s great to be able to give something back in a way. Everyone, including me, seem very happy with how this one came out. The idea behind the cover is that the outer circle represents the band’s full catalogue, and the smaller circle this particular album. Similarly, on the back cover the width of the smaller circles are relative to the length of each song, in relation to the length of the album as a whole (the large circle). Inspiration for this one came from a László Moholy-Nagy ‘photoplastic’ which he’d created for a magazine cover (recently exhibited at Malmö Konsthall).

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